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9/7 – 9/9 Assignments

September 7, 2011

Wed 9/7

Intro and Intros

Story and Stories


Homework (due 9/8)

1.  Subscribe to this blog. 

2.  Type up your soundtrack.  Use mine as a guide. Here are the guidelines you should follow.

3.  Bring Zeitoun and the  other book you read this summer to class tomorrow.

Thurs  9/8

 Zeitoun discussion

Homework (due 9/9)

1.  Prepare for in class writing assessment:

Choose the prompt you’d like to write about in class tomorrow and locate two passages from the text that you will use to support your ideas.  You may only bring your book to class tomorrow, but the passages can be marked and actively read.

#1    Zeitoun’s ethnicity and religion provide him with both a spiritual faith and strength and the means whereby he can be singled out in the aftermath of Katrina.  He is devout and believes that God/Allah will provide for him and his family. Yet being Muslim and Syrian clearly affects the perception of Law Enforcement as well as his treatment during his incarceration; he is “profiled.”

Discuss Zeitoun’s “identity” and what it reveals about him as a man and America as a country.

#2    Water is a constant in the stories of Zeitoun’s family – his father who fears that his sons will seek professions at sea, his brother the long distance swimmer, another brother who is an ocean captain, and then there is Zeitoun and his canoe.

Discuss water,the sea, and the hurricane as forces that are associated with character, plot, and theme in Zeitoun.

#3  “Some nights Zeitoun struggles to sleep.  Some nights he thinks of the faces, the people who arrested him, who jailed him, who shuttled him between cages like an animal, who transported him like luggage.  He thinks of the people who could not see him as a neighbor, as a countryman,, as a human.”

Discuss the incarceration of Zeitoun and why this aspect of the story is so prominent in Eggers’ account of Zeitoun’s Katrina experience.

Friday  9/9

Zeitoun In class writing

Homework (Monday 9/12)

1.  Gather materials for the course and bring them all to class on Monday.  These include:

a)  a binder–1  or 1 1/2 inch and no larger!    This binder will only be used for this class.

b)  some lined paper and dividers

c) your Word Smart and The Oxford Book of American Short Stories

2.  Type a 1 -2 page essay about the other book you read this summer.

I’m interested in finding out what you enjoyed (or didn’t) about the  book, why you chose it and what you took away from your experience reading it.  In reading your essay, I should not only learn about the book you read, but I also hope to learn something about you.  Please do not write more than two pages!  Be prepared to read from your essays in class.


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