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Assignments for 9/19 – 9/23

September 18, 2011

Monday 9/19

Stories from Thomas and Mikey

Vocab/Grammar List 2

Characteristics of short stories

HOMEWORK (Due Wednesday 9/21)

Let’s try to all get it right this week!

1.  Use Word Smart to create this week’s vocabulary list.  (You all have to do this part!)

  • Include the word, its part of speech, the definition and your own sentence.  Studies show that when you connect the word to your own life, the definition tends to “stick.”  Your sentences must be connected to you—even if it’s a stretch.
  • Print this out and stick it into your Vocab section.  I’ll be checking it
  • Add these words to your mode of studying—flash cards, study guide or something else.  You’ll have 20 words to study this week.  You don’t have to show this to me…

2.  Read through the grammar stuff I gave you and check out the link here if you need some visuals.  Figure out what you didn’t already know and review the rules you need to learn/relearn.  Complete the Checkpoint 1 exercise on page 9.

3.  Read the handout about the historical context of “The Yellow Wallpaper.”  It will help frame your understanding of the story.

Wednesday 9/21

Lucie’s story

Intro to “The Yellow Wallpaper”


  1. Read “The Yellow Wallpaper” by Charlotte Perkins Gilman (pg 153).  Read actively.  Be prepared for our first LRQ (Little Reading Quiz) in class tomorrow.
  2. Choose 4 questions to answer from the handout.

Thursday 9/22

“The Yellow Wallpaper”

A little vocab/grammar review


  1. Study for the vocab and grammar quiz.  It’s 20 words and 2 grammar rules this week, so that shouldn’t be too difficult.
  2. Watch this video to help you understand the next story we’ll read.

Friday 9/23

Vocab/Grammar Quiz

Intro to “Sonny’s Blues”

HOMEWORK (due Monday 9/26)

Read the first half of  “Sonny’s Blues” by James Baldwin in your book–read to the break on page 426.  Read with a pen and be prepared for an MRQ on Monday!


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