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Vocabulary List #3 (for week of 9/26)

September 22, 2011
  1. capricious
  2. congenial
  3. deride
  4. fatuous
  5. felicity
  6. malaise
  7. morose
  8. patent
  9. querulous
  10. reproach

Grammar Rule of the Week

Who or Whom?  It’s actually really easy.  I’ll give you a handout in class.

Here’s a link to a podcast from the “Grammar Girl” about how to use these pronouns correctly.

And don’t forget about:

  1. anecdote
  2. auspicious
  3. elusive
  4. ephemeral
  5. ostentatious
  6. poignant
  7. profound
  8. squander
  9. tangible
  10. tenacious
  11. admonish
  12. altruism
  13. augment
  14. covert
  15. dubious
  16. insular
  17. preeminent
  18. profane
  19. repudiate
  20. vindictive

And of course, our old Grammar Rules of the Week

1.  Capitalization:  Take a look at this and pay close attention to the exceptions!

2.  Using the correct personal pronoun.  Is it I or me? We’ll go over this in class and you’ll get a handout with everything you need to know.  Check out the link here if you need some visuals.


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