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Short Story Final Projects

October 16, 2011

Short Story Final Projects

Choose one; choose carefully.

  1. “Sonny’s Blues” (3 pages)

Finish writing the essay you started.  Go back to the paper topics and write an analytical essay using textual evidence to support your thesis.


  1. Comparison (3 pages)

Revisit “The Yellow Wallpaper” and then read “The Tell Tale Heart” by Edgar Allan Poe (91).  What ties these two stories together and why is it important? Develop a thesis that answers/argues this question and write an analytical essay in which you use quotes from both stories to prove your thesis.


  1. Literary Term Analysis (3 pages)

 Go back to any of the stories we’ve read so far.  Choose one literary aspect of the story—theme, symbolism, diction, mood, tone, conflict, etc.—and explore its significance in the story.  How does the author’s use of this particular literary term relate o the telling of the story.  How does he/she do this? Posit an original thesis and then prove it using the text to support your ideas.


  1. Creative (4 – 5 pages)

Develop an idea for an original short story that comes out of your reading of one of the stories we’ve read so far.  Your story can mimic an author’s style, subject matter, setting, etc.  You can even take a character and place it in a novel setting.  Your story should be inspired by another story, not just retell it in a different way and it should incorporate some of the literary techniques we’ve discussed in class. If you choose this option, you’ll really need to be willing to work at your craft.  In other words, this is not the easiest one!








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