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Assignments 10/17 – 10/21

October 17, 2011

Monday 10/17

Vocab List 5

Grammar Rule #5

“Strength of God” and Sherwood Anderson

Introduce final projects

Homework (due Wednesday 10/19)

  1. Use Word Smart to create this week’s vocabulary list.  Include the word, its part of speech, the definition and your own sentence.  Type it, print it and stick it in your vocab section.
  2. Choose your project.  Get started.  For Wednesday, you should have a thesis and outline (with quotes) if you’re writing an analytical essay or a general outline and at least the first paragraph written if you’re writing a short story.


Wednesday 10/19



Spend about 45 minutes working on your project.


Thursday 10/20



Projects due.  Spend about 30 -45 more minutes on it.

Be prepared to present a passage from your essay or story.


Friday 10/21


Vocab Review


1.  Study for vocab/grammar quiz #5 on Tuesday 10/25 (it’s a Monday schedule)

2.  Read “Heat” by Joyce Carol Oates (scary, but very, very good), “The Death of Justina” by John Cheever (funny and clever) or “The Management of Grief” by Bharati Mukherjee (sad and beautiful).


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