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Assignments 10/25 – 10/28

October 23, 2011

Tuesday 10/25

Vocab/Grammar Quiz 5

Happy Birthdays

“Heat” by Joyce Carol Oates

“The Death of Justina” by John Cheever

“The Management of Grief” by Bharati Mukherjee

Vocab List #6


1.  Use Word Smart to create this week’s vocabulary list. Include the word, its part of speech, the definition and your own sentence.  Type it, print it and stick it in your vocab section.  Add the new words to your study system.

2.  Finish your writing from class–you should have at least 5 quotes from the story to prove your thesis.

3.  You’ll need your poetry book starting tomorrow night.  Find it.  It’s this one.

4.  If you haven’t already done so, get your grammar book!

Wednesday 10/26

Q & A with Lucie

Our farewell to short stories–with a very short, very strange short story!


1.  Read the Preface in your poetry text An Introduction to Poetry (p. xxix – xxxi).  Read it actively and read it carefully for information about how your book is set up and how the editors approach the study of poetry.  I always feel like we owe it to the editors of books like this to actually read the preface as it is symbolic of a whole lot of work and passion.  I’ll ask you a question or two about the preface.

2.  Poetry Journal Entry #1:  Do two things:

A.  You + Poetry:  What do you already know about poetry?  What do you like or not like about it? What do you remember about studying poetry through the years?  What are you looking forward to about studying poetry now?

B.  Spend some time flipping through the book  Generate a list of 10 poems that interest you in some way.  For all 10 poems include the title and author, the page number and a sentence or two about why you picked it.

Thursday 10/27

Vocab/grammar review

q&a with Lucie


Study for vocab quiz.  No grammar tomorrow.

Friday 10/28

Vocab Quiz 6

Intro to poetry and terms

“Traveling Through the Dark”

HOMEWORK (Due Monday 10/31)

  1.  Read Chapter 1 (read only pg 5 – 15 and you can skip the poem “Sir Patrick Spense”).  Do the questions for the poem “Those Winter Sundays” on page 10 and for “Out, Out–” on page 13.  You will be handing these in.  I’ll ask you some questions about this chapter–including the poems.
  2. Bring your GRAMMAR BOOK to class on Monday.  You absolutely need it!.

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