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Assignments 1/5 – 1/6

January 4, 2012


Thursday 1/5

Intro to Heart of Darkness (the Congo and King Leopold)



  1. Actively review the photos on pgs 193-207—write down your thoughts and questions about them in the margins. What strikes you as interesting or disturbing or just curious about them?  We’ll talk a little about these photos tomorrow.
  2. Read pages 3 – 8 (read to the bottom of page 8).  Read actively.  You may need to read some parts more than once. Be prepared to respond to a few questions about the reading tomorrow.



Friday 1/6

Into the Heart of Darkness

Little Reading Quiz


HOMEWORK (Due Monday 1/9)

  1. Read pages 3 to the 15 (finish the paragraph at the top)  Read actively and bring questions/comments to class on Monday.
  2. Complete your first quote notebook entry.  Find 4 significant quotations from what you’ve read so far.  Copy them, including the page number, and write a short paragraph about their significance.  This should be typed and should be set up using columns with the quote on one side and the analysis on the other.  Use my example to help you.

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