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Heart of Darkness Part I Take Home Test

January 13, 2012

Do question #1 and  choose three other questions to do.

Type your answers.

You should answer each question in a well-developed paragraph.  Use evidence from the text to support your answers.  Without evidence from the text, you will not get credit for your answer.

 1.  Choose one of the themes we have discussed:  light/dark, good intentions/evil outcomes, civilized/savage, uselessness, or another of your choosing and explain how the theme plays out in Part I.  Use at least 2 quotes from the text to support your answer.

2.  Discuss the Company doctor’s advice to Marlowe: “Du calme, du calme, adieu.”  Do we see Marlow taking this advice?  Explain.

3.  When Marlow sets out for Africa on a steamship, he gets his first look at native Africans along the shore. Throughout Part I, he observes the natives.  What qualities does he observe in them, what language does he use to describe them and what seems to be his attitude about those qualities?

4.  Look back at the “weak-eyed devil” quote on page 16.  Explain what Marlow is saying there.  How does the Manager (or any other character) fit the description?  Explain.

5.  What is the first description we hear of Kurtz? For what quality or activity is he praised? How else is Kurtz described in Part I?

6.  Discuss the significance of the Eldorado Exploring Expedition.

7.  What role do women play in Part I?  Be specific.

8.  Throughout Part I, Marlow spends some time describing the natural landscape—the river, the jungle, the land…What can you say about his descriptions?  How do they relate to the story itself?


Due Wednesday 1/18


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