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Heart of Darkness Creative Projects

February 8, 2012

DUE:  Wednesday 2/15/12

You may work by yourself or in groups of two or three.



Create a 10 song soundtrack for Heart of Darkness.  Describe and explain which scene(s) each song would go with and why you chose it.  Discuss the style of music and/or lyrics for each song and how that relates to the corresponding scene.

Board Game

Create a board game based on the events and characters in the book.  By playing the game we should understand what happens in the book—both on a surface and more abstract level.  The game should include a game board, a rule sheet with clear directions , playing pieces, cards, etc.


The possibilities are endless here.  You could recreate several scenes from the book in a film or you could adapt the book to another time and place (like Apocalypse Now).  You could take a documentary approach and focus on a current issue.  Talk to me before you get started.


Draw or paint a series of five piece that show five of the major events in the book.  Write captions for each drawing using text from the book.  You could also do this in a comic book or anime or manga style.

Alternative ending

Write an alternative ending to the novel following Conrad’s style.


Watch the film, Avatar, and write an essay drawing comparisons between the film and Heart of Darkness.

Lord Jim

Read some or all of  Lord Jim, Joseph Conrad’s first novel in which he introduces the character of Marlow.  Write a response to your reading of it and connect it to your understanding of Heart of Darkness.


You can create a dance, memorize and perform a scene with a classmate (I’m thinking of the one where Marlow is following Kurtz through the jungle toward the ceremony..), you could memorize one of Marlowe’s “monologues” and perform it in class.

Creative Writing

Write a series of poems based on the novel, maybe based on several significant scenes or based on the various themes we discussed in the book.  You could also write a creative story using one of the characters from the novel and put them in a completely different time and place..


Compose and perform a song (with or without lyrics) that captures the novel or one significant theme or scene of the novel.


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