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Assignments 2/13 – 2/17

February 12, 2012

Monday 2/13

Vocab List 13

Work on creative projects


1.  Get organized with Vocab list #13  Use Word Smart and list each word, its part of speech, the definition and your own personal sentence.  Type it, print it and stick it in your vocab section.   I’ll check it on Wednesday.

2.  Finish your project.  Make it good.  It’s due Wednesday.

Wednesday 2/15

Present projects

Intro to Things Fall Apart


1.  Read Chapter 1 in Things Fall Apart.

2.  Watch this TED Talk by Nigerian writer Chimamanda Adichie.  It’s about 18 minutes l0ng, so please be sure you give yourself enough time to listen.

Thursday 2/16

Things Fall Apart discussion


  1. Read Chapters 2 – 6  in Things Fall Apart.

Friday 2/17

Watch this excellent video about the Things Fall Apart.

It’s 25 minutes long.  Find a place to watch the whole thing…

Get started on your reading.

HOMEWORK (Due Wednesday 2/22–the next time we’ll meet)

1.   Read Chapters 7 – 13.  Be prepared for an LRQ.


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