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May 25, 2012

1.  Find your poetry and short story books, as well as Heart of Darkness and Things Fall Apart. If you’ve cleaned out your binder and archived notes throughout the year, find that stuff too.  Bring ALL OF THESE ITEMS with you for Wednesday.

I will be very disappointed if you do not come to class with these items and are thus unprepared for our first day of review for the final.  You’ll need this stuff on Wednesday and Thursday.  Please be prepared for class.

2.  Complete an outline for the  sample final exam question below.




Please prepare an outline (no longer than the front of one page) for the question below.  This page may include an outline, a thesis statement, quotes and brief notes.  

In many of the texts we’ve explored this year, we’ve seen the concept of masculinity portrayed in a variety of different ways.  Some male characters choose to embrace the “traditional” definition of masculinity that is prescribed by society, while others break out of that mold, defying social conventions for some moral purpose or means to an end.

 Using a novel, Macbeth, a poem and a short story, discuss four characters’ experiences in the context of their masculinity.  Explore the role each plays in his society. How do they use or defy their own masculinity as a means to an end or as a response to an event, oppression or desire? What is ultimately gained or lost because of the way in which they do or do not fulfill a traditional gender role?





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