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Assignments 12/3 – 12/7

December 3, 2012

Monday 12/3

Songs of Yourselves

This I Believe

Edward R. Murrow’s inaugural essay

“Be Cool to the Pizza Delivery Dude”



1.  Go to either to the featured essay section and pick one that interests you OR to the browse the essays by theme section and find one to listen to.

2.  Generate 2-3 topics for your own “This I Believe.”  Think about them in terms of logos-ethos-pathos

Tuesday 12/4

Writing workshop


Homework (due Thursday 12/6)

1.  500 words of your essay.  Here’s a link to the writing guidelines on the website.


Thursday 12/6

Vocab List #9

Writing workshop



1.  1000 words due by 3pm tomorrow.


Friday 12/7

Writing workshop

Vocab review


Homework (due Monday 12/10)

1.  Read about Robert Frost (343 – 346)

2.  Read “Out, Out–” (p. 348) and “Desert Places” (352) and “The Gift Outright” (353)

3.  For each poem, do the following:

Read the poem at least twice and then answer the following questions:
a.  What is the narrative (story) explored in the poem?
b.  Who is the speaker?
c.  What language patterns do you notice?


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