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Assignments 5/13 – 5/23

May 13, 2013

Monday 5/14

Time Shifts

Grandma and Grandpa



Read “Happiness, Happiness” pgs 187 – 207


Tuesday 5/14

Dr. Wilson  and Dr. Fein

Grief in EL&IC

Book Fair


Homework (due Thursday 5/16)

Read “Why I’m Not Where You Are 4/12/78” and “The Sixth Borough” pgs 208 – 233


Thursday 5/16

Oskar’s dad



Read “My Feelings” pgs 224 – 233 and Found Poetry assignment


Friday 5/17

Visual writing and making meaning


Homework (due Monday 5/20)

1.  Read “Alive and Alone” pgs 234 – 261

2.  Journal #3

Make a “found poem” from one of grandpa’s chapters and one of Oskar’s chapters.

Each poem should be 10-12 lines


Monday 5/20

The renter and the quest



Read “Why I’m Not Where You Are” pgs 262 – 284


Tuesday 5/21

Making connections


Homework due (Thursday 5/23)

Finish the book


Thursday 5/23

The end



Review for tomorrow


Friday 5/24

EL+IC Quote Identification Assessment


Homework (Due Tuesday 5/28)

Complete your chapter’s study guide


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